Services and costs overview

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Why Us?

Can you find a property management company that is cheaper? Of course! There's always someone who is looking to "grow" their business at your expense. We have discovered that people who value their properties don't let the difference in management fees between companies, (usually $10-$20/month) be the deciding factor on their decision. Most of us don't order the cheapest food on the menu or buy the cheapest car on the lot because of the cost. After all, the value of a meal isn't how much it costs but how well it satisfies our palates and our appetites. With over 30 years experience having managed thousands of properties, our owners value our expertise, relationship building skills with tenants and cities and our personalized service with our owners. If you value your property, you will value our dedication and service as well. Don't shortchange yourself!

What We Do:

  • Collect Rents
  • Advertise Vacant Properties
  • 24-Vacant Property Showings
  • Vacant Property Preparation
  • Tenant Screening
  • Full Service Maintenance
  • 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Execute Leases
  • Monthly/Annual Electronic Reporting
  • Electronic Proceeds Deposit
  • Collections of Bad Debts
  • Court filing / Evictions
  • Court Handling for Late Rent Payments
  • Handling City Inspections

The Next Step:

A management agreement needs to be signed between the property owner and the management company. Our management agreement is 6 pages long and clearly spells out every specific duty. What is not covered is just as important as what is covered, and we list that too! Additionally, to protect you (our main goal), we have authorization pages regarding pets, property ownership giving us the ability to act on your behalf with the local municipality, vacant properties and your insurance and an authorization to direct deposit your funds.

Finally, a 2 page maintenance agreement including our general and emergency repair policies also requires your signature.