Frequently Asked Questions

Can you represent us in court for the eviction process?

Michigan law does not allow non-attorneys to represent owners. However, due to our volume, we have contracts with several attorneys to represent you in court at $225 each court hearing. These attorneys are well versed in Landlord/Tenant laws and that alone can save a lot of time and grief in completing the eviction process.

How long do your management contracts run?

It is our pleasure to provide a legitimate landlord with a list of references. We do protect the confidentiality of our owners and because of that cannot list them here on the web.

How about a reference list?

Our minimum time period is one year. However, should you be unhappy with our services, our management contracts do have an escape clause with a 90-day notice.

Are you bonded?


I am tired of my tenants always making their payments late. How do you deal with it?

As you probably know, if you do not stay on top of this issue, tardy tenants can manage to beat you out of a lot of rent money. Service Specialties II, Inc. has an excellent system to manage this problem. Our computer generates seven-day Notices to Quit on the fifth day of delinquency. Then seven days later, court papers are again computer generated and a court date is issued within seven to ten days depending on the city the property is in. This allows an eviction (if necessary) within the time frame of the amount of our security deposit, which minimizes the financial risk to our owners.

We find most owners are afraid to issue the notice to quit and court papers because they are afraid they may lose the tenant. We would rather lose a non-paying tenant immediately instead of losing months and months of rent. The inability of most landlords to begin the eviction process in a timely manner is overwhelmingly the most important reason landlords should hire a professional management company like Service Specialties II, Inc..

The last tenant that moved out left a $326.71 water bill. How can I avoid this in the future?

Service Specialties II, Inc. receives the original water bill and then bills the tenant. If the tenant does not pay, we will begin the eviction process because our lease specifically states that all utilities must be paid or the tenant is in default. It is a lot of extra work but $326 can be a lot of lost money!

Should we do a month-to-month lease or a one-year lease?

There is a lot of controversy between landlords on this very issue. The month-to-month landlords like this concept because they can evict a tenant if they do not like them within thirty days. Our company will not do any less than one-year lease. We find that we attract far better quality tenants (what kind of people are willing to move with a thirty day notice at the landlord's whim?) with good jobs and a pride about themselves when longer-term leases are offered.

Additionally, it is very costly to move tenants in and out of properties. Service Specialties II, Inc. uses a seven-point approval system where possible longevity of a tenant is considered to keep our landlord's costs at a minimum.

We are moving out of state and do not want to think about paying taxes, repairs, mortgage payments, etc. Will your company handle everything?

At least 30% of our landlords are either out of the state or country. Our system is set up to handle ALL scenarios of property management including paying taxes, insurance, etc. Of course, some owners wish to do that themselves and our system allows that as well.

It is April 14th and we are hustling to get all or our receipts and expenses together for the taxman. Can you help?

Service Specialties II, Inc. uses high tech property management software that reduces all of your income and expenses for the year to one, simple-to-understand form for your tax professional.

We own multiple properties and throughout the year wonder what the combined cash position is on these properties for tax planning and other purposes. Can you help with this too?

Again our software can give us financial information manipulated into many different reports that provides insight into financial, maintenance needs and vacancy issues for just one property or multiple properties.

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